Ensuring the Good Life for all Nebraskans

Schuyler Windham. Lawyer. Wife. Guardian to a teenager.

She values her family, community, & country.


Schuyler Windham (née Geery-Zink) is a lawyer and entrepreneur from Lincoln, Nebraska. She plays the banjo in a local band and writes fiction books. She loves her home state of Nebraska and wants to give back to the community that raised her by running for the Nebraska State Legislature LD 2. She lives in Northeast Lincoln with her husband, Daniel, and their teenage nephew who attends Lincoln Northeast High School (Go Rockets!).


Schuyler will bring passion, extensive public policy experience, and personal and professional integrity to the Unicameral to make real change.


Schuyler is uniquely qualified to represent you: she has drafted successful legislation, testified at the Unicameral, and brought everyday Nebraskans to meet with Nebraska State Senators to tell our stories for policy change.




  • Schuyler Windham is a sales representative with U.S. Law Shield, providing legal defense for self defense services to victims of crimes. In her spare time she plays the banjo and sings with her band.

  • Windham has experience working as a legislative intern drafting the Sexual Assault Protection Order which passed unanimously in 2017 and as an extern with the Governor’s Trade Counsel on beef and soybean exports.



Schuyler has always been passionate about public service. She recently served on the board of directors for local nonprofit radio station KZUM 89.3 and the board of trustees at her church. When she was younger she regularly volunteered at the Center for People in Need helping Lincoln families and Hyde Observatory at Holmes Lake Park as an amateur astronomer.


Family Background

While Schuyler was born in Wichita, KS, she lived in Beatrice, NE for several years before being raised in Lincoln, NE where her mom’s family has lived for generations. She comes from a humble background with a family that has worked in nursing, teaching, farming, construction, local journalism, and state government. Her great grandma was even a Rosie the Riveter during WWII!


Schuyler has a BA in Global Studies and Religious Studies from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In 2018, she graduated from Nebraska College of Law studying National Security Law and International Human Rights Law and became a licensed attorney in the state of Nebraska.


Fun & Family

Schuyler loves to write songs on her banjo and sing, volunteer at her childhood church, play board games with her husband, and cook gourmet meals using quality local ingredients for her family. She and her husband, Daniel Windham, are raising their teenage nephew, Conor, after the recent tragic death of Daniel's sister. Conor is graduating from Lincoln Northeast High School. They all live with mischievous dog and cat, Rayden and Zoe in Northeast Lincoln.

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