There is no place like Nebraska...
There's no one quite like you and your family...
You deserve a unique advocate who can't be bought or sold and won't back away from the fight!

"As an attorney with community lawyering experience, I know the many challenges that Nebraskans face every day. I'm here to represent my neighbors: people, families, communities, and local businesses, not industries or politics as usual."
Strong Families & Communities
  • Families are struggling to make ends meet as inflation is skyrocketing. Schuyler will lower taxes which keep more money in the pockets of hard-working families, local businesses, and our farmers. It’s your money, you should choose how to spend it.

  • Creating quality jobs in Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska and helping our local businesses flourish. Alleviating licensing restrictions to support our workforce. Let’s reduce barriers for our local economy so everyone can succeed.

  • Life is precious. Schuyler supports adoption as the humane alternative to abortion. As she's raising her nephew after the death of her sister-in-law and her family is about to welcome her sister's new baby into the world this year, Schuyler intimately understands the intrinsic value of life and importance of family.

  • Access to quality schools and programs so every child can learn, grow, and have a bright future. School choice gives every child a shot at the American Dream.

  • Reducing red-tape in agriculture and cutting property taxes so Nebraska farmers can do what they do best.

  • Preserving property rights and allowing developers to build with the market to ensure affordable, quality housing in and around Lincoln.

  • Charities and churches help people in need and serve our communities directly with the care and attention that meets people where they are.

Constitutional Rights & Personal Freedom
  • Liberty creates prosperity. You should be free to choose what is best for you and your family. Nebraskans deserve leadership that supports life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness to ensure we enjoy the good life.

  • Defending all of your Constitutional rights so you can focus on what’s important in life without worrying about government intrusion. As a lawyer with Constitutional Law experience, Schuyler will vote NO on any initiative which would violate your God-given human rights.

  • As a proud gun owner, Schuyler is a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment. Her priorities include Constitutional Carry and making Nebraska a 2A Sanctuary State.

  • Health freedom is fundamental. As the federal government has grown more intrusive, it's ever more important for our state leaders to step up and protect Nebraskans from Constitutional violations.

  • Smaller Government. Schuyler supports bold measures to retain power with the people rather than at the top with the elite. We the People are powerful. The federal government has stepped far outside what was originally limited by our Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution. 

“My husband and I are raising our teenage nephew who is graduating from Lincoln Northeast High School. Making sure all kids, especially those who need specialized curriculums, have access to quality education is a major and very personal priority for me. Every child deserves a shot at the American Dream.”
Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform
  • As the drafter of the Sexual Assault Protection Order which unanimously passed in 2017, Schuyler is dedicated to improving the justice system: focused on cultivating a culture of responsibility, reducing recidivism, and giving people the opportunity at second chances.

  • Defending your right to protect your family from those who want to do harm. You are your own first line of defense.

  • Ensuring law enforcement are trained and equipped for community policing, connecting victims and survivors of crimes with charitable organizations, and implementing  restorative/alternative justice reforms which will save the tax-payer money and reduce burdens on our prison system to focus on violent offenders.

Schuyler Wants to Hear from You!

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