• Schuyler Windham

Constitutional Carry, Restoring Right to Self Defense in Nebraska

Every Nebraskan has the right to self-defense. Your life is worth protection and you are your own first line of defense in an emergency situation.

The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Nebraska Constitution protect our right to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, government at all levels has infringed on the right to self-defense at any and every possible angle. These types of policies disproportionately affect people whose lives are in danger, imposing barriers and punishing people for lack of licensure when they need to defend themselves from harm the most.

This is personal. Given my own stature and the fact that both my sister and sister-and-law's lives were threatened by domestic abuse, I know intimately the value in protecting myself and people dear to me from violence. It is why I drafted the Sexual Assault Protection Order which passed unanimously in 2017 here in Nebraska, to help survivors of assault have an added legal layer of protection with the courts. But where protection orders can fail because violent people obviously disobey laws, a firearm can protect the most vulnerable among us.

While I am a staunch supporter of firearm safety, practice, and continued know your rights education, a conceal carry course and application for licensure is a burdensome restriction and obvious infringement on the right to bear arms. As the Judiciary Committee just heard testimony for this important initiative, we have the opportunity to make a positive difference with Constitutional Carry.

Senator Brewer's LB 773 would help correct an egregious violation of this fundamental right. Contact your senator and submit a public comment to the Unicameral today.

As a firearm owner, I will advocate for this inherent right as your next senator for Northeast Lincoln. Help me protect your right to defend yourself and your family in the Nebraska State Legislature!


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