• Schuyler Windham

Schuyler Supports Access to Quality Food, Local Farmers & Lincoln Farmers Markets

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Nebraskans need access to quality, locally grown food. Coming from a family with a rich heritage in farming, Schuyler understands the importance of quality nutrient-dense food, regenerative agriculture, and supporting our local farmers for a secure food system.

Schuyler Supports Farm to Table:

  • Schuyler will work to repeal restrictions on local dairy farms to sell products directly at farmer’s markets and in stores.

  • She will support any policy which deregulates our local farmers and increases quality food accessibility for Lincoln residents, especially struggling families and children. Success begins with quality food which fuels the mind and body.

  • Schuyler supports a state-sponsored meat-inspection program rather than relying on federal agencies.

“We need to support Nebraska farmers who are rooted in natural farming practices -- regenerative organic farming techniques which keep the soil enriched, animals raised on their natural diets on pasture under ample sunlight. My dad was raised on a farm in the 1950s and grew up eating the best diet possible. Every child deserves the opportunity to eat high quality, nutritious and locally produced food.” - Schuyler Windham, Candidate for Nebraska State Legislature LD 26

Schuyler Windham is the pro-farmer candidate. As a caretaker who feeds her own family high quality locally produced food from Nebraska farmers and ranchers, she will advocate for all families to access the incredible food we produce in our great state! Schuyler will ensure the Lincoln community has access to high quality food and our Nebraska farmers are protected from corporate or federal interests.

There is no place like Nebraska. Schuyler supports our local farmers who produce the food that feeds America’s families. Donate to Schuyler’s campaign now!

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