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Press Release: "Schuyler Windham Announces Run for Nebraska State Legislative District #2"

Updated: Mar 3

Schuyler Windham, a Lincoln attorney, announced her candidacy for Nebraska Legislative District #2 (Eastern Lancaster County and Cass County). Windham supports the good life for all Nebraskans, pledging to support strong families and communities, defend the Constitution, advocate for personal freedom, and balance Nebraska's budget with fiscal conservatism.

“As an attorney with community lawyering experience, I know the many challenges that Nebraskans face every day. I’m here to represent my neighbors: people, families, communities, and local businesses, not industries and politics as usual.”

Schuyler will ensure the good life for all Nebraskans

Windham’s priorities include:

Strong Families & Communities:

  • Families are struggling to make ends meet with skyrocketing inflation. Schuyler supports fair taxes which put more money in the pockets working families and farmers. It’s your money, you should choose how to spend it.

  • Creating quality jobs in Lincoln and helping our local businesses flourish, especially after a pandemic and the egregious policies in Lincoln and Lancaster county. Let’s reduce barriers for our local economy so everyone can succeed.

  • Access to quality schools and programs so every child can learn, grow, and have a bright future. School choice gives every child a shot at the American dream.

Civil Rights & Personal Freedom

  • Liberty creates prosperity. You should be free to choose what is best for you and your family. Nebraskans deserve leadership that support the U.S. and Nebraska Constitutions: life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness to ensure all of our neighbors enjoy the good life.

  • 2A is a major priority: ensuring every Nebraskan's right to keep and bear arms and right to self-defense.

  • Decentralization and Health Freedom: keeping government tyranny in check

Public Safety:

  • As the drafter of the Sexual Assault Protection Order which unanimously passed in 2017, Schuyler is dedicated to improving the justice system. She is focused on cultivating a culture of responsible, law-abiding citizens, reducing recidivism, and giving people the opportunity at second chances.

  • Defending your right to protect your family from those who want to do harm.

  • Ensuring law enforcement are equipped for community policing, connecting victims and survivors of crimes with charitable organizations, and implementing restorative justice reforms so we can save tax-payer money to focus on violent offenders.

“My husband and I are raising our teenage nephew who is graduating from Lincoln Northeast High School. Making sure all kids, especially those who need specialized curriculums, have access to quality education is a major and very personal priority for me. Every child deserves a shot at the American Dream.”

Schuyler Windham was raised in Lincoln and graduated with a Juris Doctor from Nebraska College of Law, keeping to her local roots. She has experience with local government such as with the Governor’s Trade Counsel on beef exports and on the Sexual Assault Protection Order which passed unanimously in 2017. She has advocated directly with community members on the issues that matter most to Nebraskans.

“My mission in life is to help people. It’s why I decided to go to law school here in my home state, because there really is no place like Nebraska. From my first hand experience advocating with Nebraskans across the state for positive change and defending civil rights, I know how complicated the legislative process can be. My goal is to connect my neighbors in Northeast Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska with the Unicameral and tell our stories to change outdated laws together. All Nebraskans deserve to live the good life. I will fight hard to ensure that everyone has that opportunity.”

Schuyler lives in Northeast Lincoln with her husband, Daniel Windham, their teenage nephew, and their dog and cat, Rayden and Zoe. In her spare time she’s a singer-songwriter playing banjo in a local band and an indie fiction author. Learn more about Schuyler at

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