• Schuyler Windham

Schuyler Will Oppose Legislation Banning Changes to Cars

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Your ability to make changes to your property is fundamental. You have the right to modify your car, not being locked into the manufacturer’s product, just as you can modify your house or any other product you purchase.

After-market modification of vehicle bans have been introduced in many states across the country, particularly after the federal government has tried to restrict people from changing components of their personal vehicles the last few years. These kinds of policies infringe on your fundamental human right: the right to property.

Nebraskans love to show off our cars. We have a robust culture in Lincoln and across Nebraska of improving cars for showing and safe, legal racing. As the proud owner of a used Tesla Model S, Schuyler knows many local businesses and community members make a living from creatively modifying cars around Lincoln. These bans limit personal freedom and harm local businesses.

Schuyler Windham will oppose any legislation banning after market modification of vehicles. Unlawful or nuisance activity concerning motor vehicles is already highly regulated. We do not need redundant legislation restricting what Nebraskans choose to do with their own cars.

Schuyler is the pro-property and liberty candidate. If you love working on your car and enjoy creative freedom with your property, donate to and vote for Schuyler Windham for Nebraska State Legislature.

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